So I have been wanting to share this story for quite some time… literally.

Sometimes I think we want things so bad in life that God will give you just that, to show you that it’s not really what you want.

#storytime Back in 2018 I got what I thought to be my dream job at TMZ. I went through a series of interviews and got hired to work as a TMZ tour guide for the celebrity tours. NOW, the bomb thing about this job is you get air time on the TMZ show if you spot a celebrity (which you almost always will) and you have to interview that celebrity on the spot. HOW COOL? Who wouldn’t want to start with TMZ and work their way up?

I was also currently working as a full-time LIVE IN nanny and with the intense training schedule I was not going  to be able to do both. The mom I was working for at the time didn’t want to accommodate my last minute training schedule so I had to pass upTMZ!

I know what you’re thinking… “YOU WHAT?” Yeap! I passed up TMZ!

My live in nanny job at the time was my living. So If I was to quit with no family here that would have been unrealistic. However, knowing what I know now, I should have! Anyway… after having to pass up the job May of 2018, I continued to email and check in with TMZ (I had the directors emails, so you best believe I used that to my advantage!). I continued to check in, but received nothing… I never got a response. UNTIL fast forward to March 2019, I got a random call from the director and she asked me was I still interested. JUMPING FOR JOY! I said yes and she told me I didn’t even have to interview. She knew she wanted me for the position.

NOW, the family I was working for at the time was a blessing. She accommodated my TMZ training schedule so everything worked out! I felt like Yes, God had me waiting for this exact moment.

Fast forward to training…

While in training, I learned that, although TMZ was a great household name to be connected to and a great way to work my way up, it wasn’t for me. I think I was so caught up in the fact that it’s TMZ and God gave me this opportunity for a reason that I never really stop to think why I wanted to work for TMZ.

Although, yes it’s a great way to start my career and get my “foot in the door,” it wasn’t the opportunity for me. I’m not into pop culture or more so celebrity culture the way TMZ wanted us to be. I remember one day in training we were quizzed on who the cast was on “Shahs of Sunset” a show I have never watched a day in my life 😂

The lesson for me during this part of my life was what I think is meant for me is not always meant for me.

The TMZ opportunity did not transpire for a reason regardless of the unfairness in it the first time. But, I was still hung up on TMZ was that job for me. That start that I needed. God came quick and handed it right to me to show me it truly wasn’t for me.

I battled with quitting TMZ for the longest. I cried, prayed and asked family/friends for advice. Of course everyone said stick it out, get through training and this is the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door with a major company.

I didn’t want God to think I was passing up on a blessing or more so not appreciating his blessing. But, if it was really a blessing from God would I be feeling the way I was?

I ended up passing up on TMZ and didn’t finish training. Initially at first I was very down and battled with “did I make the right decision?” but yes I did.

Here we are a year later and I wholeheartedly know that was not my “foot in the door” opportunity. God gave it to me again to show me it wasn’t. So just know God will always give you what you want even though its not what you need. Just to show you that. It’s always a blessing in every lesson.

I learned that whats for me will NEVER pass me by. Although this is something I always knew, this exact opportunity really opened my eyes to it.  No matter how much I think it was the job for me, God gave it to me just to show me it’s not what you want.

I wonder if the opportunity never came back around like it did would I still be hooked on trying to work there and following up…

All that to say: don’t worry! Opportunities that you thought were so desperately meant for you, if it was, you would have it. God knows what you need more than you do. Always ❤️