MEET Lactation Consultant Erica Campbell

I made it my goal to spotlight different women of color that are Doulas, Lactation Consultants & Midwifes on my blog for this month and going forward because in reality we don’t see to many interviews featuring women of color working in maternal health. I wanted to create a space where these women are celebrated, can spread knowledge to other women of color and to simply learn myself. It is so important for us to have someone who looks like us to help with things such as giving birth, postpartum and breastfeeding. This month is national breastfeeding month and the last week is black breastfeeding week. I will be celebrating all things breastfeeding during the month to help encourage new moms to breastfeed. One of the main things that is pointed out when it comes to black women breastfeeding is the lack of diversity in the lactation field. I had the opportunity to chat with Houston Lactation Consultant Erica Campbell to kick off national breastfeeding month. Check out our interview below..

1. What influenced you to become a lactation consultant ? I had a great experience breastfeeding my own children. I learned a lot about the process and felt that I wanted to give that information back to my community. While working as a mother/baby nurse, I felt that my personal experience helped me educate better. Then I decided to pursue the license so I could really teach!

2. I love that. So as someone who has breastfeed before I am sure you noticed the lack of diversity when it comes to lactation consultants. Why do you think it’s important for black women to see black lactation consultants ?
I think it’s very motivating. I also feel like as a black woman, I can understand the societal barriers that other block women may be facing regarding postpartum care and with that, I can tailor a care plan that specifically works for them. 

3. Why do you think it’s equally important for more black women to explore the 
options breastfeeding?
More and more women are breastfeeding but the 
number is still significantly low compared to those of other races.I think the options should be explored because the options are there! I also think that while breastfeeding can feel unattainable, it isn’t always if you learn your resources in your community  

4. What are some tips or more so advice you would give to first time 
moms who are having a hard time with there breastfeeding journey?
Reach out for help! Whether it’s professional or through a friend. Sometimes talking out your problem can really help you identify whether or not there is really a problem. Utilize online resources. Remember that your experience might be different than your friends. Lastly, don’t give up at the first sign of difficulty. Do what you need to do for your sanity but then get back into it!

5.Why do you think its important for weeks like black breastfeeding week to celebrate black women and breastfeeding? It puts a highlight on the disparities black women face. It’s not only important for black people to see but all people. It’s important for all medical personal to hear the statistics and see the facts and hopefully use this information to care for their patients. For mothers, it can be empowering and motivating. Especially if there aren’t people in their lives that are supportive or educated on the topic. 

6. Where can a mom get in touch with you for lactation services ?
On this page, you can find various ways to work with me 🙂

Thanks for the Interview Erica! Be sure to check her out and If you have any questions when it comes to breastfeeding she is more than happy to help!

More SOUL-filling Conversations coming soon!