Amir and his cousin who are exactly a week apart meeting for the first time during our trip to Houston!

Amir was officially 8 weeks when he took his first road trip. With all that’s going on with Corona and this pandemic my family had to cancel all their flights to fly out and visit. So we decided to move our road trip that was scheduled in July to May so my family can meet Amir and really get a break from home. The road trip from California to Houston is Approximately 22 hours.. hit or miss. However, traveling with an infant makes the trip longer than 22 hours once you calculate all the stops for diaper changes/feedings.

One thing that was extremely different than normal traveling was all restaurants/fast food are take out only. So when you would normally stop to take a break from the car and grab a meal at a restaurant, that was not even an option. So we had to improvise. We of course stopped and just ate fast food more so Marlon ate while driving. He was antsy and wanted to get to our destination. Now somehow we made it to Texas with out staying in a hotel with a 8 week old. But, on the way back we did stop and stay overnight in El Paso which is somewhat the halfway mark between Texas and California. I really enjoyed my time in Houston and I am already ready to get back but this time around I will be catching a flight since Amir will be 6 months next month. I have listed below all my recommended baby products that I think are key when traveling with an Infant.

I know with Covid going on still a lot more of us will be exploring the option of road tripping.

The boppy is such a great thing to have for your little one. I am kinda sad Amir outgrew his so quick. I now use it as a prop in his photos 😀 Also the foldable bed to the left is the Baby Delight Infant Sleeper it is the perfect baby travel bed. It folds and is very space convenient.

This was maybe my smartest purchase.I got this flower bath because I thought it was such the cutest thing but it ended up being so convenient for traveling. Its easy to fold and doesn’t take up much storage space like the average baby tub.
If you are traveling to visit family these are the best since you typically are doing a lot of laundry with infants. Small and travel size.

Also Breastfeeding Moms this bra was the truth during our trip and made it super easy to pump in the car. You can find it in my amazon store.

During this trip I was still breastfeeding and pumping on a schedule. So imagine that..road trip and pumping. However, I definitely made it work. The Items below were so great and made my pumping on the road so easy

All these items were SUPER Convenient on this trip! I love the Medela brand and these Tommee Tipee pump & go was easy to use while in the car. I got them all of amazon and they are totally worth it. Especially the quick & clean bag for when I was in Houston. The whole steaming the breatpump parts every night is very time consuming but this bag was the GOAT during the 4 days we were there.

AND LASTLY, The DOONA Stroller. OMG My mom was the mom who wanted to get us this stroller. She saw someone at the store with it and thought it would perfect and IT IS! The idea of having a stroller/car seat in one is just so NEEDED. I will never go back to having separate if I have any more kids.

I hope these items are a great help to you as you prepare to go on a road trip with you little one. Road Trips are always fun but can be a task with little ones especially infants. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products I used.