Amir is 8 Months you guys, well in about 1.5 weeks he will be 9 months. Yes, 9 months. I can’t believe he’s almost to the point where he’s been alive on earth longer than he was in my belly. He has grown so much in such a short period. 6 months came and now the time is flying by so quick. I wanted to share some of his milestones with you guys and any moms who are interested to know what 8 months bring for their littles. Remember moms, babies do everything on their own timing. Every baby moves at his/her own pace.

Separation Anxiety– Amir is going through this. It started around the end of month 7. I associated it with teething and him being a little older. It’s okay moms. Hold your littles if they want to be held. I mean they were in your belly for 10 months. They love your comfort. 

Mobility– I would have to say Amir became more mobile during months 7 & 8. During month 8 he’s ready to risk it all. Whether it’s him leaping for the remote or his dad’s work mouse. These days we are seeing more flipping and rolling over. He’s not crawling yet but he’s well on his way. 

Cause/Effect-Understands “No” and “Stop”- Amir is learning the concept of cause/effect. He understands that if he does something that he has been told to not do he will be told to Stop. Sometimes, we catch him looking at us before he does it. He is such a smart little person. He also is very intrigued by watching me control the tv with the remote. By now your little may be putting two and two together as well. We start to see their smart little personalities come out. 

Knows his name/nickname– He is more than aware of his name and his nickname. I’m sure your little by now responds to his/her name 🙂 It’s the cutest thing right moms?

Dancing– Dancing is the cutest little thing. I hype Amir up and he bounces. He also sometimes dances with his nursery rhymes. We think Amir is going to be musically inclined. Music time is the perfect thing to do with your littles starting around 6 months. I haven’t incorporated this into Amir’s routine but when I do I will be sure to record it for you guys to see. 

Clapping– For the longest I was so excited for Amir to clap because “If You Are Happy And You Know It” is our jam! One day out of nowhere he started clapping and of course, I was EXCITED. He’s been doing it for a few weeks now and I am still in AWE. How Is this little person I created clapping? 

Learning Routine– Amir is aware of our routines. From making his bottle to bath time. He now associates the kitchen with feedings and bath time. ( we are still in the sink, graduating to big boy tub sometime after we turn the big 9 months)

Babbling – It seems during month 8 the babbling went from 0 to 100 and as an FTM I loved it. I love how he engages in conversations with me. It’s funny because he knows to respond after I talk. He’s very much learning the concept of conversations. The babbling has now turned into DA DA’s and it’s the most cutest thing. I was rooting for him to say MAMA first but as a person who has worked with kids before I am aware that DADA is usually said first. 

These are my littles main milestones for 8 months that I can think of off the top of my head. It’s funny because everyday Amir has surprised us with something new he’s doing. This week he’s squinting his eyes and saying dada. We like to say he is singing. Month 6 and onward are the most exciting months in my opinion. Our littles are growing, exploring, and turning into their little person with personalities. What milestone are your littles showing for month 8? Leave me a comment below.