Its Minority Mental Health Month!!

Mental Health is such a sensitive subject in the minority community. Most importantly the black community. Which is no different during pregnancy and postpartum. Let’s start with touching on pregnancy & mental health… Pregnancy is such a sacred and beautiful time and how you feel not only affects your pregnancy but it can have an affect on your babies health. So many mothers deal with depression before, during and after giving birth. 1 out of 3 mothers with infants suffer from PPD. With it being Minority Mental Health Month I wanted to share some resources for any new moms, moms, or just someone in general that is seeking help and doesn’t know where to start or how to seek it. Remember it’s okay to not be okay. In addition to seeking therapy there are many other ways that you can put your mental health first. Journal, meditate, exercise, read books or do something that brings you joy. As a First Time Mom I know that I have to learn to put my self care & mental health first because I have to be at my best for Amir to be at his best. One thing for sure I’ve learned is make sure you have some who checks in on you & how you’re feeling. We sometimes get so wrapped up with our emotions and being a new mom/mom that we forget to talk to someone. We bottle the emotions in. So new moms its okay to hit the reset button or more so pause button to focus on your mental health. Check out the resources below…

Mental Health Resources

1. Therapy For Black Girls

Therapy For Black Girls is a podcast, community, and therapist directory started by Joy Harden Bradford, a black psychologist, who hoped to bridge the gap between black women and therapy.

2. Melanin & Mental Health

Melanin & Mental Health was founded by two black women therapists to promote mental and emotional healing in black and Latinx communities through multi-city events, a therapist directory, and  a podcast.

3.Ethel’s Club

Ethel’s Club is a social and wellness club aimed at people of color.

4.Open Path Collective

Open Path Collective, while not aimed specifically at people of color, helps to ease the financial burden that often comes with therapy.

Directories & Networks for Finding a Therapist

Yana Therapy

Black Female Therapists

Black Virtual Therapist

Inclusive Therapists (and its directory specifically of therapists offering reduced-fee teletherapy)

Melanin and Mental Health

My Tru Circle (from Black Therapists Rock)

Psychology Today

Sista Afya’s preferred providers in Chicago

The Association of Black Psychologists

Therapy for Black Girls


Did any of you new moms deal with PPD? How did you cope? Did you seek help? Let me know in the comments below 😀