Picture of my SONshine to get your Monday and week started right 🙂

Happy Motivational Monday! Let’s talk about meeting God halfway. I am in a season of my life where I have so much I want to do and accomplish and I am sitting on it. More so I am trying to figure out how to navigate everything. How to really tackle it. The other day mid-thought I had to stop and thank God because I know everything I have envisioned for my life is because of him. So, then I ask myself why am I not going after it? Why am I sitting on all these ideas? Sometimes I fail to realize if God is giving me these visions he’s expecting me to act on them. Yes, on my part it will take handwork and dedication. HOWEVER, if I do my part and start acting on these goals GOD will do his part and meet me the rest of the way.

Now, I am not saying this to say that it will happen overnight. The journey of anything worth having in life is “A MARATHON not a SPRINT”.

However, do you know that by doing your part God will do his as promised.

You also can’t expect God to do his part when you aren’t doing yours. We have to stop expecting him to bless us when we aren’t doing our part. Sometimes we pray for blessings and things like opportunities but are we really deserving of them?

So I end this blog post with this message:

Do YOUR PART and GOD will do HIS. GOD will always and I mean ALWAYS meet us halfway. He provides us with the visions and desires we have for our life and he expects us to act on it. How underserving are we if we aren’t acting on our Gifts God has blessed us with.

-XO madam

Also check out a message I filmed 2 years ago for my Testimony Thursday Series on my youtube channel about meeting God halfway 🙂