How I prepared for my birth

Many people do different things to prepare for their birth. I meditated, spoke positive affirmations over my birth AND prepared in my own little way:

We watched tons of youtube videos, and I even purchased a birthing ball to bounce on. I wrote positive affirmations all around my birth ball with the intention to use it during labor. When they say you can’t possibly plan everything out, boy was that true; my birthing ball didn’t even make it to the hospital due to getting admitted out of nowhere!

Lavender oil is known to calm, so I purchased lavender oil from the store. I took two of Amir’s baby towels to pour it in and inhale during contractions.

In addition, I recorded myself speaking positive affirmations in regards to my birth and labor for me to listen to it during labor. I also created a labor & delivery playlist!

For anyone having a baby soon those are small ways to prepare yourself 🙂


Although most of the time it doesn’t go according to it… have it. Hospitals have to abide by what’s on it, especially if you are having a non-medicated birth.

I will be sharing a post about what was in my birth plan soon.

Marlon Amir was born on March 27 at 7:47PM..

The odds of all the 7’s because 7 is actually my favorite number!

I like to say my birth story was the normal. However, being that we are in a pandemic with all the rona (yes, rona) madness going on, I have to say it was definitely not normal.

I went in for my normal weekly prenatal check and asked the doctor to check my cervix because I was 4 days past my due date, and well I was ready to get baby boy out!

Now, I just know this doctor did something to get my labor started because I kept saying I didn’t want to get induced. It went against everything in my birth plan. She was a sista so I think she indeed was helping a “sista” out.

Well that night I ended up going to the ER (labor and delivery) because I had contractions that would not stop. AND I noticed some blood in my underwear.

I ended up getting admitted into the hospital because my blood pressure was high and I was past 40 weeks. Talk about FREAKING OUT! I’m a planner and I like to plan. Now, I know I couldn’t plan my birth but I really thought we would just get sent home.

Luckily me and Marlon thought ahead and brought our hospital bags with us. Just in case!

[Side-note: We had just cooked dinner and didn’t even get to eat before leaving for the hospital. We definitely didn’t intend on staying at the hospital at all!]

Hospital Experience

From the moment we got to the hospital, we were greeted at the door by nurses checking our forehead temperature and asking if we had any corona symptoms. Crazy!

Marlon was also not allowed to come upstairs with me until I was checked into a room. So he had to stand outside or go back to the car. We were also given mask upon checking in and had to keep that mask on the entire time at the hospital. ENTIRE. Time. Can you imagine giving birth with a mask on? Of course at some point I pulled that bad boy down because well… it was hot and the mask was not making the process any better.

Labor & Delivery

I was in labor for 12 hours and pushed for 2… man… I totally understand what it means now when someone says you cannot explain child birth to anyone. YOU CAN’T! That pain was something.

At first I was having contractions that I couldn’t feel. The nurse would ask “did you feel that contraction?”… “Nope”… now, that was at first… but once they gave me the Pitocin to speed up labor since I had to get induced… the pain was unreal… I remember crying and saying I couldn’t do it… I kept saying I didn’t want anymore kids… LOL!

However, Marlon was very positive and kept saying positive things to me regardless of how many times I kept telling him to shhh due to my pain and frustration. He really was a great support person.

Now after 2 hours… Amir was finally here!

After Delivery & Postpartum

I was diagnosed with Postpartum Preeclampsia right after delivery. I honestly think I had it before… hint to my high blood pressure before getting induced. I talked to my doctor throughout my 7-9th month and expressed to them my hot flashes, dizziness and nausea spells, but they, of course, brushed it off. Anyway, that’s a story for another day.

We ended up having to stay in the hospital for 4 days as opposed to leaving after 24 hours due to my high blood pressure and preeclampsia; they wanted to monitor it.

I can tell you being quarantined in the hospital was so boring. No good movies, food was wack, and we couldn’t leave. We couldn’t even walk around the hospital to get out the room. So one thing is for sure birthing during Rona changed the hospital experience for me. However, I would do it again the exact same way to be blessed with my angel.

Due to my preeclampsia I am now on blood pressure medicine and have to check my blood pressure regularly.

Also, what people don’t tell you about postpartum is the bleeding, constipation and uncomfortableness is real. BUT, it’s all worth it. I did use the products the hospitals gave but I also went and purchased my own.

FridaMOM has some great products for mom. They also have baby products that are equally bomb!

So to end this post…

MOMS to BE, your body was MADE FOR THIS! YOU GOT THIS! There will be PAIN but remember every CONTRACTION gets you closer to your baby 🙂

I didn’t share every detail of my birth because I didn’t want this blog post to be a book… so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. I am open book and will answer any and every question that will help your birth go smoothly as much as I can sharing my experience.